Hello Fire Agate Fans!

6 08 2009

With our ever-increasing following of friends, customers, fans and fellow jewelers, our fire agate family has decided to start a blog which we hope will allow for an increase in discussion, networking, and customer feedback on our work. We look forward to sharing with you all many galleries of our mine, cut stones and works of art.



3 responses

3 07 2010
Jami Cullen

Hi, Ryszard, Lynn, and sons!!
This is Jami, from Columbus, Ohio, who STILL wears my GORGEOUS ring pretty much EVERY DAY!!!


I am SO HONORED to wear such a WORK OF ART and can’t wait to buy a couple smaller stone versions for my daughters!!

Your pieces are HEIRLOOMS!!

I hope you remember me…I’m guessing you might, since we were on the phone a lot…lol.

Your website is WONDERFUL!! (I think that’s Ryszard Junior’s masterpiece, right?

Please email me about small agate stone rings for my girls, if you have a moment.

P.S. I get TONS of compliments on my ring!! I get to teach many people about what I learned about Fire Agate, from you two!!

29 09 2010
Paul Dodsworth

Am jumping in with both hands to develop my fire agate lapidary skills,an amazing stone, one that i consider the most beautiful on the planet.My hope is to create wonderful pieces to promote this precious material and am hoping your site and knowledge will take me to the promised land.It is a challenging material to work with and any input will surely help.Do you folks have a shop or location to check out your rough inventory? Your specimens and jewelry are just way too cool,i can only hope to attain such skills.I have been working rough attained from gem shows primarily and some internet(not so good)purchases.the quality found is iffy at best and im trying to find a source that is reliable with quality being paramount.If you can help me on my quest i would greatly appreciate it.
Paul Dodsworth

3 10 2010
Ryszard Krukowski

Hi Paul,
We have been away mining fire agate on our claims in Deer Creek so on the road home with great stuff. We visited the miners in Slaughter Mountain and bought quite a bit of rough from them too. We seem to be getting a lot of repeat customers for our rough rock so I think we count as a reliable source! What quality and what quantity are you looking for? Give us a call next week when we get home (1-604-947-9004).

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