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25 08 2009

Hello Fire Agate Fans, Thank you for your continued support and interest in our family business. As we learn more about all the opportunities and features of wordpress and the internet, we hope to continue to share our work with you all. Looking forward to start uploading photos and process shots of cutting a Fire Agate for you to see.


The Fire Agate Family




4 responses

11 08 2010
Bob Rix

Ryszard: the fire agate rough has arrived and is beautifui. I’ll send photos of carvings from the lxast bucket when I can . Thanks, Bob

17 08 2010
Ryszard Krukowski

Hi Bob,
We are so glad you like the rough. Ryszard tried to pick inspiring pieces for you that had little creatures just waiting to be carved! We are looking forward to your photos of what you carved from the last bucket of rough. I have one of my techie sons visiting so will try and post the photos Tom Hay forwarded to us of your carvings. They are all quite incredible and I am impressed that your skills as a dentist came in so handy with the carvings. Very creative. Looking forward to seeing more! Thanks so much for sharing in the love of fire agate, Lynn

23 08 2010

My dragon jumped out of the glass case and screamed “Buy Me!” almost 12 years ago from a jewelry maker in the deep south. Your detailed dragon bolo is the only thing I have seen since that even resembles my ring. Your work is much more detailed and much larger as well. I am amazed with this bolo that you put together! It is gorgeous!!!
I have been trying to get a rough idea of what my one of a kind ring is closely related in value to for insurance purposes. I will send a pic if you are interested in seeing the ring even tho it may not do this ring justice with my crappy camera. The man that made this ring has since retired and I can not find anyone locally to assist me in this adventure. My 14K dragon holds this multi-colored fire agate with 3 of his feet and one of his fangs(or at least I think it is a fang) his body extends into the ring, a small emerald is used for his eye. Shoot me an email if you are interested in seeing my dragon, and possible assist me with my assumption of its worth.

23 08 2010
Ryszard Krukowski

Hi Peggy,
We would be very glad to help. Send an email/photo to our: ryszardk@shaw.ca I guess you can tell how much our family loves dragons!
Living near Vancouver, B.C. and watching the Chinese New Year’s parades, lead by dragons, might have been an inspiration of course.
I wonder what inspired your jeweller from the deep south? Pretty cool.
The dragon bolo was a pretty exciting commission for Ryszard – very hard to give to our friend/client. It was all constructed right in the gold,
built up metal on metal. It can be a pendant too. The center stone turns and the whole dragon rotates too. Ryszard constructed one for
us in silver so we could have a memento!
We are always interested in seeing new work, so thanks for seeking us out,

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