Krukowski Family Dragons

Our Family loves Dragons. Mom created and taught an after school course called “Dinosaurs and Dragons” in 1992… Dad told her that he often thought many rough pieces of fire agate looked like they had Dragons hidden inside them and that they made him look for and cut them out. In 1993 he carved this piece to take to the Tucson show;


Mom hoped (the whole time he was down there) that it would not sell and come home with him. Lucky for her, it did, and she claimed it! It was photographed and featured in an article about my Dad in Lapidary Journal in 1995, and is now worn proudly by my Mom on a daily basis. The piece broke from tradition in incorporating the chalcedony cap as part of the carving… surprising other cutters who would have ground it away.

In 2002, I (Ryszard Jr.)  made this pendant, which was put into a student exhibition at a local art gallery on Bowen Island.


My younger brother Mateusz, also inspired by my Dad, made this ring in 2003, but it was incomplete until this summer, where he added a stone he cut himself.


So, as you can see… Dragons reign in the Krukowski home.

By Ryszard Krukowski Jr..

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14 10 2009

Hello, it really interesting, thanks

20 12 2009
Rita Phillips

I recently purchased a Ryszard Krukowski Fire Agate at Bonham’s Natural History Auction.

They advertised it as a “Shark’s Tooth”. After looking at the family’s fascination with Dragons, is there a chance they had it mistitled, and it should have been a “Dragon’s Tooth”?

Whatever the case, it is stunning! I’ve been collecting Fire Agate jewelry for over 20 years and was thrilled that I was able to purchase one of your pieces. It was an early Christmas present to myself.

Thank you –

~ Rita

3 01 2010

Hi Rita,
We think you may be right. One store in town sold our fire agate as Dragon scales so I think a Dragon’s tooth is exactly what it was. Thanks for pointing out our oversight. And we hope you enjoy your pendant. Hope you had a great Christmas and we wish you good health in the New Year. Lynn

3 07 2010
Jami Cullen

I’d love to see a picture of your “Dragon’s Tooth”!!
I have one of Ryszard’s Rings and I wear it almost EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

Lynn and Ryszard, the younguns are also so talented!! I love the pieces that they made and the fact that they are now cutting stones!!

(I have had a dragon collection since high school, and my 30th reunion is all this weekend. Most of mine are pewter and crystal. Students, family, and friends made the collection so much more unique.)
Jami 🙂

4 07 2010
Ryszard Krukowski

Hey Jami,
I will see if I can figure out the link to the photo at Bonham’s.
The cool thing about the Dragon’s Tooth is that Mateusz (our youngest son)(3rd year Geology student)
worked with his Dad cutting the piece. We sold at the GLDA show in Vegas
recently and Matt was pretty excited to have some of his stones (that he had
cut entirely himself) sell. I was quite proud. You should see the new business cards our middle son,
Ryszard Jr., created for us with the gold dragon wrapped around the front and back of the card. Just stunning!
Will need his ‘techie’ skills to post it (plus a few more dragon carvings) though….sigh. Happy July 4th. to you.

1 01 2010

Dear Krukowski family:
I am just beginning my journey in lapidary. I have collected rocks for years and finally decided I would display their beauty to others.
I just brought some fire agate from mexico from a man who had a shop in California for over 40 years.
I am also drawn to dragons. I have written my grandchildren stories about dragons and one day hope to have them published. I loved your dragon design jewelry with the fire agates.
Thanks for showing all the beauty you see in stones and also the sunsets.
May all your dreams come true.

3 01 2010

Dear Sara,
Please let us know when you publish your dragon stories as we collect any and all things related to dragons (especially books). It is an honour to share our love of stones and a real treat to know that others also appreciate their unique inspiration. Take care.

4 07 2010
Rita Phillips

Dear Jami –

Happy 4th of July to you and the entire Krukowski family!

I would love to share photos of my Fire Agate Dragon’s Tooth Pendant with you; however, I cannot post photographs here in this format.

So, if you trust me with your e-mail address, I would be more than happy to send you photographs of this stunning pendant.

~ Rita

4 07 2010
Rita Phillips

Lynn –

Can’t I just send the photos to your e-mail address and then you guys can post which ones you like/dislike? I think it would be easier than trying to track down the auction. I only have one photo of the front and back of the Pendant. I can take more if you’d like.

Happy 4th –

~ Rita

5 07 2010
Ryszard Krukowski

Hi Rita,
Had to check with the ‘techie’ son first, and yes, an email with photos to us would be great: I will need him to post them…sigh.
We just celebrated Canada Day here (July 1st) and spent today phoning all our U.S. mining buddies and fire agate friends wishing them a Happy Independence Day. Enjoy the fireworks tonight!

14 08 2010
Steve Booth

I would have loved to see some working pictures. You described your process wonderfully, but many of us visually oriented artists love the pictures of desks and the little things people leave out. Wonderful work. Great website. Got it off of facebook…hope this gets to you.

18 08 2010
Ryszard Krukowski

Hi Steve,
Thank you for your kind words. We have photos of the workshop, bench and tools but not uploaded yet! I guess we will add that as soon as we can. I want to write about mining this year (rain, sleet, hail and snow – repeated hourly) (which is the start of the process!) so I guess I can continue and show sorting it and cutting it. Ryszard said he could mail you photos if you want to email your address to: Thanks for the feedback and suggestions, Lynn

5 03 2011
Steve Martin

Awesome fire agates!

11 03 2011
Ryszard Krukowski

Thanks for your comment.
We have been busy mining again this year in Deer Creek and left before the snow settled! We even went in to visit the miners in Slaughter Mountain to see their new diggings and had them come to Deer Creek to see the difference between the two locations. Hope to put some photos up of that trip soon. Ryszard is pretty busy cutting his new rough and enjoying the process of discovering new fire.

7 02 2012
Dare Mannino

I just visited your room at the Tucson Gem Show today…met one of your sons who was very nice and knowledgable. Unfortunately I did not make a purchase although I did fall in love with one piece. I did take one of your beautiful business cards and will be tracking you down in the future…and following your website. Your work is amazing.

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